Rare Cask XO Petite Champagne Lot 2009
  • Rare Cask XO Petite Champagne Lot 2009
  • Rare Cask XO Petite Champagne Lot 2009

Rare Cask XO Petite Champagne Lot 2009 Cognac Comandon


This single cask comes from a 2009 barrel.

A unique cognac for the discerning connoisseur looking for an unaltered cognac, a super-limited, hand-crafted edition of Petite Champagne.



 Tasting Notes:

Nose : floral with green apples, citrus fruits and vanilla.

Palate : fresh peach, pear drops, mint chocolate, nutmeg and more ginger.

Find out more about Comandon

 Patrick and Franck Vigneron, Comandon's Cognac Masters, are responsible for the selection of casks and the cognac production process. Their dedication to quality and rigorous cask selection means that only exceptional casks are used to create their cognac. Their motto, "Nil Sine Labore" (nothing without work), underlines the importance of hard work and the pursuit of perfection in cognac production since 1821. Ultimately, the aim is to produce an exceptional cognac that stands out for its uniqueness and quality.

Cognac by single batch: the cognac producer does not follow a standardised production, but rather attaches great importance to each batch of cognac he produces. He allows the nature and conditions of each year to be reflected in the final product. As a result, each batch of cognac is different from the next, similar to the way high quality wines can vary from year to year due to weather conditions and the nature of the grapes.

Single Cask Cognac: This expression emphasises the unique character of each cask used to age the cognac. Each cask has its own flavour profile, and the producer believes that some casks are even better as cognac.

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